Asami for hair: healthy and thick hair for 1 course of application!

Asami for hair: healthy and thick hair for 1 course of application!

  • QUICK RESULTS increases the speed of overall hair growth
  • LASTING EFFECT thick and strong hair forever
  • SELF-CONFIDENCE you will never have to hide your patchy hair again!
  • EASY TO USE Asami is a special serum which should be applied directly on your head. You just need to push the spray cap several times.


Asami for hair: healthy and thick hair for 1 course of application!

  1. NATURAL FORMULA Hypoalergenic, does not contain any synthetic chemicals or preservatives
  2. UNIQUE INGREDIENTS The newest invention of Russian scientists – a powerful BIOCOMPLEX of URTICA DIOICA EXTRACT in combination with other rare, regenerative herbs, fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  3. EASY TO USE Apply the solution onto the affected area 2-3 times a week – without rinsing after application.
  4. EFFECTIVENESS The serum ASAMI stimulates hair follicles and thus increases thickness and speed of growth of the hair.
  5. AVAILABLE TO EVERY MEN At first this invention had been kept secret but now the incredibly effective serum is available to a wide range of consumers!


  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Having gone through a stressful period; Insufficient blood supply to the hair roots;
  • Harmful influence of the environment;
  • Disorders of hormonal or immune system;
  • Shampoos and styling products.


Asami for hair: healthy and thick hair for 1 course of application!

  1. CASTOR OIL Strengthens the hair and helps it grow thick. It also makes hair thicker and improves its elasticity and overall quality.
  2. TUSSILAGO FARFARA Quickly penetrates the skin and gives healthy structure to the cells of hair, as it also helps to clear clogged pores on the scalp. Hypoalergenic properties support new hair growth.
  3. BIOCOMPLEX: PANAX GINSENG AND URTICA DIOICA – Regulates the follicle function as well as the hair structure, neutralizes harmful effects of the environment as well as the effects of the active chemical compounds sin shampoos.
  4. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Actively nourish and strengthen hair roots, increasing the speed of its growth and removing dandruff, irritation, and skin dryness in the head area. The enriched formula also helps renew weak and damaged hair structure.


Ramon, 35 years old

«The first thing I want to point out is the effect. Where bald spots used to be, hair has grown out and started getting thicker altogether. Second, my hair loss has completely stopped. Third, thin and weak hair has become observably stronger. After just one month already my self-confidence and self-esteem have returned. Thank you!»

Aurelio, 43 years old

«My father lost all his hair when he was just 20, and has failed in all his attempts to save it. I am aware of it and I’ve been mentally prepared for the fact that the same fate awaits my hair too. Suddenly after my 35th birthday, bald spaces started to appear. I incidentally obtained an anti-hair loss spray, ASAMI, and decided to at least rescue the hair that I still had left on my head. At first I was only using the serum irregularly, forgetting about it pretty often. But even so, after 4 months of use my wife noticed that where bald spots used to be, I had some hair. I couldn’t believe it, but I did start using the solution every day. Six months later I could see fine hair myself, but it wasn’t everywhere. Then I took it seriously and applied it on my hair twice a day every day. In a year, my hair became even thicker and stronger, but was different from the hair that I had had over my head, and they grew in spaces where no hair had been before. Upon the application of the hair-growth spray I feel like I just took a wig off my head, the skin on my head can breathe and it was a nice feeling in general. Thanks to the researchers for saving my hair!»

Vincent, 29 years old

«After two weeks I saw results! Before application I examined the area of the head skin where alopecia borders the hairline…in just 7-8 days since the beginning of use I started to notice dark, thin hair. It couldn’t be noticed from a distance but I knew that it was my NEW hair growing! Whoever thinks that hair loss cannot be stopped is wrong. I saw no disadvantages.»


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