Aural+: the only surgery-free method for hearing recovery!

Aural+: the only surgery-free method for hearing recovery!

  • Restores your hearing in 20 days
  • Completely eliminates and prevents earwax
  • Safe to use at any age
  • Doctor recommended

PATENTED FORMULA AURAL+ developed by leading scientists

In 2017 scientists developed a uniquely-acting product for restoring hearing called Aural+. Numerous clinical trials have confirmed its high effectiveness. Afterwards, it was placed on the Kenyan market, where it earned trust among buyers. It contains only natural plant-based components, which complement and strengthen each other’s action.

This patented formula has no analogs in the world. This product is capable of restoring the function of middle ear bones at the cellular level. Aural+ completely eliminates and prevents excessive earwax buildup. This only method for surgery-free hearing correction has recently become available in our country. However, the product can only be acquired in limited amounts through the official website at relatively low pricing.

Aural+: the only surgery-free method for hearing recovery!



Take Aural+ for prevention, if:

  1. You regularly feel fullness in your ear, including after respiratory infections.
  2. You are susceptible to dizziness.
  3. You regularly listen to loud music at concerts or through earphones.
  4. You are often exposed to high levels of noise at home or at work.
  5. You frequently take medications for the duration of 6 months or longer.
  6. Other members of your family exhibit partial or full hearing loss.
  7. You have difficulty understanding conversation, ask to repeat what had been said, or raise your voice while talking.
  8. You get ear pain, inflammation of the middle ear or outer hearing channels.


  • Maltodextrin – fills the body with glucose and gives energy. Actively digested, it has a beneficial effect on the body and lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Complex of 39 herbal extracts – helps relieve pain and inflammation, aids in recovery of the hearing apparatus, fighting chronic bacterial ear infections, and sharpens the sense of hearing
  • B group vitamins – help maintain normal hearing, help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and improve metabolic processes in cells of the ear
  • Vitamin C – creates normal blood circulation within the ear, participates in the process of cartilage formation and their regeneration in case of damage


  1. Dissolve the content of one sachet in 100ml of water at room temperature.
  2. Stir until fully dissolved. Drink every morning, for at least one course of treatment (21 days).

Aural+: the only surgery-free method for hearing recovery!


The causes of hearing loss are not just noise at work, infectious diseases, or inflammation. Loss of hearing is directly dependent on high levels of blood sugar or cholesterol, weakened immunity or poor personal hygiene. Aural+ is precisely what I recommend first of all, to all the patients who come to see me. The trick is in the combination of medicinal components that naturally restore normal levels of hearing acuity.

Dr. Benard Odhiambo, PhD otolaryngologist, 15 years of work experience, practicing doctor at the Institute of Otolaryngology in Mombasa


  • 1 – 3 days of use. Relieves fatigue, restores clarity of sounds and voices. You forget that you have spent all day actively conversing with people and feel absolutely no discomfort from music or background noise
  • 7 – 9 days of use. Hearing improves to 70%, and you no longer need a hearing aid. You can easily hear people talking either beside you or far away, which has never happened before
  • 19 – 21 days of use. Complete recovery of 100% hearing. You abandon your hearing aid forever, and receive maximum quality of life


I began to lose hearing suddenly. I went to the otolaryngologist. I was prescribed some sort of drops. I bought a special apparatus for my ear and began to wear it. But my hearing kept worsening. Long story short, I got my hands on Aural+, and it changed my life. After literally a month, everything went back to normal!!!!!


I was told I’d have to get surgery, that there was nothing else that could be done. That there was only one step left until I was completely deaf. But I was afraid of surgery, so I decided to search online for another way. And I found Aural+. I could feel my hearing coming back after about two weeks.


I was recommended Aural+ by a friend, who restored her hearing after an accident. As for me, I’ve always had hearing problems. I had been wearing a hearing aid my whole life, but now I’ve taken it off! I can hardly believe it! It’s a very good product. Convenient, too.



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