Detoki for cleaning the body: the easiest way to detoxify your body!

Detoki for cleaning the body: the easiest way to detoxify your body!

  • Mitigate fatigue
  • Remove symptoms of diseases
  • Strengthen the immunity
  • Accelerate the metabolism

How do the DETOKI patches work?

Detoki for cleaning the body: the easiest way to detoxify your body!

Ecological imbalance Nowadays, everything has a negative impact on people’s lives.We are forced to breathe polluted air, consume genetically modified foods grown on toxic soil, etc. Due to the global changes, many toxic substances accumulate in the human body increasing the risk of various dangerous diseases, including cancer.

They mostly affect the immune, hormonal, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Our bodies, despite their exceptional nature, are unable to cope with those influences alone which is why paying attention to our health is very important.

The latest discovery in traditional acupuncture medicine – the DETOKI detoxifying patches, are designed to purify the human body through its acupuncture points. They are specifically designed so that you can complete the treatment at the comfort of your own home – no medical supervision required.

How to use the DETOKI detoxifying patches?

  • Peel off the protective paper from the patch.
  • Place the sachet that contains the biologically active substances in the centre of the patch. The inscriptions should be facing the sticky side.
  • Stick the patches to the soles of your feet and press.
  • Leave the patches on all night (6 to 12 hours), then peel them off and rub your feet with a damp cloth.

Detoxifying patches DETOKI — Your new best friend!

  • Vitamin C helps keep the toxins out of your body
  • Wood vinegar performs osmotic transfer of toxins through the cellular membrane
  • Tourmaline stimulates the circulation of the blood by infrared radiation
  • Detox herb extract reduces the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood
  • Bamboo vinegar the most powerful natural adsorbent

Why should you choose the DETOKI patches?

Detoki for cleaning the body: the easiest way to detoxify your body!

According to the traditional acupuncture medicine, there are approximately 300 acupuncture points on the human body. Implementing the correct techniques can improve the state of not only specific organs of the human body but the entire organism as a whole, purifying it from the harmful substances.

The detoxifying patches DETOKI are designed for the soles of your feet because that’s where most of the human body’s acupuncture points are located and where they will be the most effective. In addition, many of the large blood vessels go through the feet so that the active substances found in the patches help to direct the toxins out of the blood.

However, the DETOKI patches can be used on other parts of the body as well. The detoxifying patches DETOKI also have a relaxing effect on the body. They can be used as a natural remedy in the prevention of stress and fatigue. It has been proven that the use of these patches is the best way to remove the symptoms of cervical veins.


Reth, 34, Mombasa

The continuous stress from everyday life I had to face had a negative impact on my body. My low immunity was something I couldn’t ignore. My girlfriend who knows I am always too busy to see a doctor, advised me to try these DETOKI patches. I have to admit – the first night I used them, I slept like a baby – they have such a calming effect. In the morning, when I was peeling them off, I noticed the cause of my low immunity issues – toxins. I used them for a month and forgot I was ever in pain. They’re made from all natural ingredients which is awesome. Now I recommend them to all my friends!

Ingumba, 28 Nairobi

I was advised to use the DETOKI patches by my doctor in order to improve my overall health condition (I had lower immunity and the doctors couldn’t find the reason why). Even after the first night, I could see that toxins left my body. All impurities remained on the patches after I peeled them off. Of course, I continued the treatment for two months. I felt so much better. And the best thing is that the patches even improved my sleep. Definitely recommend them!

Barongo, 37 Kisumu

Hey, listen, they really work! You stick clean white patches on your feet and in the morning you find them all brown – with all the impurities on them. I don’t smoke and I don’t have any bad habits. It’s all because of the nature imbalance! I think everybody will benefit by using them.


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