FruThin: number 1 refreshing drink for losing weight

FruThin: number 1 refreshing drink for losing weight

  • Melts kilograms fast
  • Gives you energy
  • Makes you eat less
  • Gives you smooth skin
  • Speeds up metabolism

Natural ingredients

Every berry that is part of FruThin, is manually collected in Scandinavian forests. Thanks to ideal ecology, the berries contain more vitamins and biologically active elements.

  1. NORTHERN MULBERRY. A real treasure of the North, mulberry contains 15-times more vitamin C than oranges and 3-times as much provitamin A as carrots.
  2. STRAWBERRY. It speeds up metabolism, dissolves fats in infestines and lowers levels of cholesterol.
  3. VACCINIUM MACROCARPON (BEARBERRY). Swedish cranberry contains synephrine – a substance that blocks the feeling of hunger once body takes in sufficient amount of calories.
  4. WILD BLUEBERRIES. Berries that grow near polar circle. They contain many polyphenols, and are effective against consequences of eating fatty food.

FruThin: number 1 refreshing drink for losing weight



  • They dissolve and burn fats. Amino acids from blueberries and polysaccharides from Podophyllum work together to restart metabolism and burn fats accumulated in the organism. They remove accumulated toxins and redundant liquids from the body quickly and painlessly. Polyphenols from blueberries and mulberries stimulate production of collagen and make skin more tight, effectively removing sagging skin and stretch marks.
  • They control appetite. Synephrine from bearberries and caffeine block production of endorphins when consuming fatty meals. Junk food will no longer make you feel good! As a result you will only consume as many calories as you need to maintain your muscle mass and weight.
  • They cleanse the organism and speed up the metabolic processes. Biologically active elements of northern mulberry remove toxins from body and and returns it back to normal. Vitamins reinforce the immune system. The result of weight loss is thus fixed for a long term period.
  • They have reinforcing effect. After drinking FruThin in the morning you get enough energy for the entire day. The more active your day is, the more calories you burn, and together with that you also lose redundant centimeters on your waist. Vitamins of the B group and pleasant taste of FruThin sparkling tablets will provide you with a good mode for the entire day.


  1. FruThin sparkling tablets dissolve easily in water within 60 seconds.
  2. Sweet drink with the taste of forest berries quenches thirst.
  3. Liquid complex of vitamins starts working immediately and has no adverse effects on stomach.

How to use:
Take 1 tablet daily after breakfast or during breakfast. Dissolve sparkling tablet in a glass of water (200 ml).


FruThin: number 1 refreshing drink for losing weight

Losing weight — is a difficult and complex procedure. I recognize three stages: recovery of the organism, weight loss and consolidation of results.

FruThin Sparkling tablets based on forest berries allow you to combine these three stages in a single product. Natural ingredients help safe and correct weight loss so the weight decreases in 30 days already.

Surprisingly, after using FruThin no excessive skin or stretch marks appear. Previously many of our patients had to undergo expensive surgical treatments. Now they have great body immediately after losing weight.

Nutrition specialist, Ocampo, A.


«I thought that due to my sedentary lifestyle and lack of time for losing weight it is simply impossible to achieve any results. I saw FruThin ads, and got interested so I ordered it. I was pleasantly surprised by the results – minus 7 kg in 3 weeks. Without exercise!»

Firyali, Kiambu

«My weight problems started when I was 14. I had no personal life – I was constantly suffering from depression. At the age of 23 I have weighted 83 kilograms with height of 168 cm! One day my mother bought me FruThin sparkling tablets. This moment changed my life! In 40 days I lost 14 kg. I was really afraid that stretch marks and excessive skin would appear. But my skin remained smooth and soft.»

Nyambura, Malindi

«I always kept control over my calories but last year was very difficult for me. I have eventually gained 11 kilograms. I have visited experienced nutritionist – it’s difficult to choose right diet for me, since I suffer from gastritis. He recommended me drinking FruThin sparkling tablets. Doctor ensured me that they are not harmful and provide help with weight loss. He wasn’t wrong – I have regained my former weight, and my digestion is a lot better now, too.»

Akeyo, Kisumu


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