Prostaline against prostatitis: double blow to prostatitis

Prostaline against prostatitis: double blow to prostatitis

1 course will improve the work of blood circulatory system, normalize the urination process, improve immunity, enhance libido

  • Get rid of the pain in your crotch, rectum and testicles
  • Normalize the urination process in just 1 course
  • Get rid of the prostate inflammation
  • Strengthen your male sexual health

Scientists’ discoveryfor prostatitis treatment

The discovery of “Andro” health center scientists in 2012 revolutionized prostatitis treatment. Smart cells Prostinarus© have been grown in the laboratory. They detect the damaged cells of the prostate, gently reduce inflammation and all the other uncomfortable symptoms. Smart cells Prostinarus© inhibit the growth of the prostate tissue and restore normal function of organs.

Prostaline against prostatitis: double blow to prostatitis

3 components for prostate health

  1. AFRICAN PRUNE BARK. Has an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect on the body. Eliminates functional urinating disorders in diseases of the prostate gland.
  2. SAW PALMETTO FRUIT. Helps reduce prostate hypertrophy, lowers the risk of cancer, ensures the normal functioning of the urinary system.
  3. PUMPKIN SEED. Relieves inflammation, eliminates stagnation in the urinary system.

Effectiveness is proven by clinical trials

  • Decrease of the pain during acute exacerbations – 100%
  • Normalization of urination – 97%
  • Decrease of urination urges – 98%
  • Changes of the prostate size back to normal – 89%

Expert’s review

Prostaline against prostatitis: double blow to prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis develops slowly and in many cases doesn’t have any symptoms, but despite this, its consequences can be dangerous. To avoid complications, I recommend Prostaline. I was made sure by my own medical practice, that only this complex gives a significant improvement. It perfectly relieves pain symptoms and brings the prostate in order day by day. Prostaline does not cause allergies, unlike many other drugs and ointments. It works perfectly, is absolutely safe, works in a complex, revitalizing prostate and strengthening male health.

Kevin Njeri. Associate Professor, Ph. D., urologist, andrologist, Work experience 24 years

Advantages of Prostaline

  • QUICK EFFECT. Reduction of painful symptoms from the very beginning of treatment
  • EFFECTIVE ACTION WITHOUT NEGATIVE SIDE-EFFECTS. The living plant cells mildly affect prostate tissues, inhibiting their detrimental growth
  • THE PRODUCT IS HYPOALLERGENIC unlike the majority of antibiotics and other prostatitis remedies
  • COMPLEX TREATMENT. The remedy strengthens male health by different methods. Intensive, concentrated work and enveloping effect. As a result, you get rid of prostatitis, increase your abilities, strengthen libido.

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